Cafe Creme Barnsley is finally here….

So we are open… in what seems to have taken us nearly all year we finally got the keys the Saturday before Christmas (yes the busiest weekend of the year for baking for Penistone!!)

We had planned on doing a weekend of bits of essential work but as always with an old but existing business it didn’t really go to plan and a lot of the jobs that were going to happen a few weeks down the line had to happen (cabinets and worktops not fit for purpose and really a bit ugly lol to name a few)

So Neil moved his many tools and practically lived there for a good week, we did get Boxing day off, but apart from that we slogged and got a functional kitchen (there wasn’t any form of cooker or oven previously) a new counter and got the essential Coffee machine in and ready to go. We have started with a super duper January intro menu and prices to start us off, and today we have started the table transformation (yep again Neil stepped up and built them, Karen got the brush out and started the many coats of varnish needed!) We have got one of the window stickers on (def took some team work lol and made by local guy Andy at Simply signs) and got rid of half the awful strip lighting and the new lights look amazing… really want to get some painting done this week and the rest of the tables so we can really feel like it’s getting how we want it to be… so even though we have achieved a lot in a couple of weeks there’s still a lot to do… keep watching for updates, we might even have a party when it’s all done

Karen xx

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