Wowsers… nearly another business birthday…

Well next week sees another year birthday in the life of Cafe Creme… and what a year it’s been… lots of changes, lots of new customers, lots of coffee and food and sooo much cake… we also took a giant leap this spring/summer into the life of running 2 businesses with our little sister Creme Fresh at Fox Valley… it’s been bloody hard work with a lot of hours worked, but we survived and I’m sure I should look at the positives and give us all a pat on the back.

We won’t be able to do much celebrating next week as Friday, Saturday and Sunday sees us having one of the busiest weeks, which in itself is great… we started out 6 years ago with nothing, a business that had been someone else’s vision and have made it into our vision, which I have to say keeps evolving and changing all the time.. which is maybe one of the reasons as a small business we have survived… there is so much still to do, we desperately want to decorate but finding the time is proving tricky lol… we love what we do, we love our customers, many who have become great friends… most of those come in for the daily entertainment I’m sure… it’s definitely never boring… (I promise myself I’m going to do this blogging thing more but just forget… if there is anything you think we should tell you, do more of or stuff you want to find out about let me know, much easier if I pop it in a list)

Thanks again for all your support

Karen xx

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